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To Fly or To Fry: Site Reviews from the Sadistic Pair


Lady Chaos on the left
Lady Fury on the right

Greetings this is Lady Chaos, I am hear to tell you all that Lady Fury is on a long trip. So I will be doing the reviews for a while with out my sister.

The Other Sadistic Sister,
Lady Chaos


Alas, you dare to enter into this room. Well I must compliment you for your bravery. We, the sadistic pair, welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay. Please take your time and if you would like us to review your site simply go to the form page and fill it out. We will review it honestly and perhaps throw in some humor, but we must say that it is difficult to obtain four or five stars from our reviews because we are picky; however, that is what makes our reviews elite. After we have reviewed your site, we will send you a banner saying that you were reviewed by the Sadistic Pair.

Thank you for stopping by,
The Sadistic Pair

Our Ultimate Patron Saint

Dilandau says Hello

Who do you think our next patron saint should be? Let us know by clicking the link below....*note-The saint MUST be a villian from an anime series.

Come....tell us< here

Dilandau bids you good luck as the travel through the cores of this site.


The sites keep a coming, which makes us very very happy. Go check them out and keep submitting. We also have a new patron saint...Millions Knives from Trigun. If you want your favorite villian represented, just e-mail us and let us know.